Long Live You delivers for Denmark

Published on Monday, 17 May 2021 at 1:04:34 PM

Senior residents of Denmark are proving that once you start, it’s hard to stop when you incorporate an active routine into your lifestyle, evident through some great results with Long Live You program.

With an estimated population of 6,370 of which 33 percent are over 60 and eligible to participate in the Long Live You program, the success of the program has been felt firmly within the Shire.

Term one had a total of 11 enrolled participants in the Denmark program which has sky rocketed to a total of 50 enrolments in the latest term championed by local Dragon Boat Racer, Maureen Cowdell.

Maureen who has been a Long Live You champion since the program’s inception in July 2019 said it is exciting to be leading the way for others to become more active.

“Once you integrate being active into your everyday lifestyle, you feel better, look healthier, become happier and generally enjoy life a little bit more,” she said.

“I certainly wouldn’t change having the Dragon Boat Club in my life these days and it’s incredibly humbling to champion this program and hopefully encourage others like me to get involved.”

The Denmark program’s greatest achievement has been the adoption and uptake by participants of their Table Tennis offering which has grown to form its own club separate to the program.

Shire of Denmark’s Recreation Services team provided the Table Tennis group with new equipment to keep up with the demand and volume of new members coming through via Long Live You funding.

Assistant Manager Recreation Services John Overton said the program has been an absolute winner.

“I have been impressed by the passion of our residents who have embraced the Long Live You program and incorporated more activity into their daily lives,” he said.

“Having our local champion Maureen Cowdell leading the way is a huge win. It’s fantastic to have someone from our community who is dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle and helping to inspire others in Denmark to get moving.

“With a high percentage of our residents being in the over 60 demographic, this program is perfect for so many of them to start their active lifestyle journey to become happier and healthier.”

Long Live You is supported by Sport Australia’s Move It Aus Grants Program, City of Albany, Shire of Denmark, Shire of Plantagenet, and Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

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