Group Fitness

With all classes run by fully qualified and accredited fitness professionals, ALAC is the perfect place to discover the fitter, healthier version of yourself. 

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Group Fitness Classes


45 min

Be strong through your hips and core with our fat burning abs, butts and thighs class.


45 min

A specialised class designed to improve core strength and stability while challenging the body using a range of different exercises. Fitball is a program that caters for all fitness levels.


45 min

This amazing program from Radical Fitness utilises free-standing boxing bags. No previous boxing experience or co-ordination required.


45 min

Control, activate and develop strength and coordination through our comprehensive Pilates class designed for all levels.


45 min

A high intensity class based around free weights, this pre-choreographed class trains all the major muscles that make you feel strong, and all the minor ones that make you look and feel great. FEEL STRONG. BE STRONG.

Strong Seniors 

45 min

A resistance focused exercise program that utilises gym based machines along with free weights. This program is aimed at helping participants improve strength, stability and overall fitness.


45/60 min

Building strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and coordination, this slow flow pace class is suitable for all levels. Options are provided for complete beginners up to advanced students.

Zone 30

30 min

Developed by our onsite exercise professionals, Zone 30 utilises the functional training frame along with expert programming to deliver a high intensity resistance based workout that will help increase your strength, mobility and anaerobic capacity. While a muscle activation warm-up is included in all Zone 30 classes, please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time to perform your own cardio warm-up.


60 min

A Latin dance class like no other. All fitness levels welcome. Ditch the workout, join the party!


Aqua Energy (Formerly Fab 50s)

45 min

Formally known as 'Fab 50's', Aqua Energy is a low impact class that aims to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, stability and bone density. No swimming experience required.

Aqua Splash

45 min

A low impact, moderate intensity class held in the waist-deep leisure pool, aimed to improve strength, flexibility and endurance.

Aqua Deep

45 min

The deep-water aqua class targets cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, flexibility and core stability with the support of a buoyancy belt to help keep you afloat.


Virtual Group Fitness Classes

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