Long Live You Classes

Supervised Gym
Never been to the gym before? We’ve got you covered! Our supervised gym times offer access to a fully qualified instructor to help you build your own program to follow in the gym.

Beginner Strong Seniors
This is a resistance based exercise program utilising gym based machines and/or free weights. This is a beginner’s class designed to develop strength, stability and overall fitness.

Aqua Aerobics
Jump in and enjoy our aqua classes offering low impact, low to moderate intensity exercise. They will help to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength, stability and bone density.

Heart Foundation Walk
Packed with health benefits, our easy pace walking groups are the perfect place to get moving and meet new people. A separate schedule for walk locations will be provided upon enrolment and advertised on this website.

Zumba Gold is an engaging Latin-inspired dance class guaranteed to get you moving. It is a low intensity class and a great way to improve general fitness in a fun environment.

Seated Dance
A low to zero impact dance program performed in a chair using large muscle groups in the upper and lower body. Ideal for people with back or joint issues and limited mobility.

Yoga moves slowly and deliberately through a gentle sequence of poses to help you stretch and feel calm and balanced while strengthening the small muscles around the joints to aid in stability.

Chair Yoga
This class is a form of yoga modified to meet the needs of anyone with limited mobility or recovering from injury or illness.

Pilates uses techniques suitable for all fitness levels improving core strength, postural alignment as well as physical and mental wellness.

Beginners Yoga and Pilates
These classes are designed to start from the absolute basics for anyone who is brand new to yoga and Pilates and looking to build confidence before moving into our regular classes.

Social Sports – Masters Games
These sessions are all offered indoors and include Carpet Bowels, Badminton, Table Tennis, and modified sports such as Walking Soccer, Netball and Tennis with specialised equipment. Enquire at your local centre for available activities.

Come and join-in on the relaxed pace and social atmosphere with a morning of low impact, modified sports.

Carpet Bowls and Club Sport
This is an integrated program with an indoor bowls session and other varied modified sports each week for you to have a go. This session is at a relaxed pace with light physical demands and a morning tea. Come and join a team, have some fun and get the competition started.   

This is a specialised class using large balls to improve core strength, challenge yourself and watch your balance and posture improve.

Latin Dancing In-Line
Latin Dancing In-Line is a fun class where you will learn steps from the Jive, Cha-Cha, Samba and Pasodoble. It’s a great way to meet new people and improve overall fitness while using both the brain and the body.

Set to beautiful music, this class uses aids to help with balance and build stability while going through the poses. There are no leotards, tutus or pointe shoes required, just casual clothing.

Emu Point Gym
Join us at Emu Point Gym for a fun outdoor strength training program that will help build overall fitness and wellbeing.

A unique combination class combining techniques of Pilates and Yoga to build core strength and improve balance with stretches and exercises in a relaxed environment. 

Active Recovery 
This activity is run by a qualified professional and is designed specifically for anyone who may be going for an operation in the future or who is recovering from one. It is a gentle way to build up strength and confidence when exercising. 

Zone Strength
Zone Strength is a modified version of ALAC’s popular Zone 30 interval training class. Held in the gym using the X-Zone Functional Training frame, Zone Strength will help you build strength and mobility while developing your confidence with using functional training equipment and free weights in the gym setting.

Swim Club
The Long Live You Swim Club is a great opportunity for anyone who enjoys swimming to improve your technique and fitness in a safe environment. Please note, this is not a learn-to-swim program and participants need to be able to swim and be comfortable in the water.

Floor Barre
A floor based conditioning class drawing on aspects of ballet and dance to gain core strength as well as strengthen and stretch the whole body. The floor supports the body allowing exercise without having to think about balance.

Your Life Café
This is a unique, collaborative and social session where we will discuss and provide information around a variety of topics each week. Topics include falls prevention, nutrition, mental health and other general hints to build a happy and healthy life. Guest speakers will be invited and afternoon tea provided. Anyone is invited to submit a topic for inclusion into this program.