Long Live You Classes

Strong Seniors

This is a resistance-based group activity utilising a variety of equipment and free weights. This is a classed designed specifically to develop strength, stability, and overall fitness.


Yoga moves slowly and deliberately through a gentle sequence of poses to help you stretch, calm your inner self, and improve balance.


Pilates techniques are suitable for all fitness levels improving core strength, postural alignment as well as physical and mental wellness.

Line Dancing

Line Dancing is a fun and inviting class where you will learn and follow along to a sequence of steps. Perfect for those who love dancing, but also want a fun and relaxing class to move along with.

Active Minds

Actives minds is our social board games club.

Come and join in on our relaxed social atmosphere and enjoy various board games - scrabble, rummy-o, phase 10 and more!

Social Sports

These sessions are all offered indoors and include Carpet Bowls, Tennis, Table Tennis and the brand-new sensation taking over the sporting world - Pickleball!

Come and join-in on the relaxed pace and social atmosphere with a morning of low impact, modified sports.


This is an exercise class based around the use of stability (or Swiss) balls to improve core strength, challenge yourself and watch your balance and posture improve.

Heart Foundation Walk

Packed with health benefits, our walking groups are the perfect place to get moving and meet new people. A separate schedule for walk locations can be collected from ALAC or found on our website.

Zone Strength

Zone Strength is a modified version of ALAC’s popular Zone 30 interval training class. Held in the gym using the X-Zone Functional Training frame, Zone Strength will help you build strength and mobility while developing your confidence with using functional training equipment and free weights in the gym setting.

Seated Dance

A low to zero impact dance program performed in a chair using large muscle groups in the upper and lower body. Ideal for people with back or joint issues and limited mobility.

Seated Stretch & Movement

This is a chair-based, general stretching class which includes some gentle mobility and light resistance, suitable for anyone with limited mobility.


Zumba is an engaging Latin-inspired dance class guaranteed to get you moving. Combining all elements of fitness - cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility!

Zumba Gold

Zumba Gold is a low impact version of Zumba prefect for beginners, fitness newbies and those that may need low impact/modified exercise! Ditch the workout, Join the party!

Aqua Energy

Aqua Energy is a low impact, low to moderate intensity class that aims to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength, stability and bone density. No swimming experience required.

Aqua Splash

A low impact, low to moderate intensity class held in the leisure pool aimed to improve strength, flexibility and endurance. No swimming experience required.