Long Live You General Information

Do I have to pay?
Yes, there is a small membership fee. Please see here for more information.

Are any of the classes free anymore?
Yes, please refer to the FREE labels on the program timetable that shows the activities that are free of charge. You will need to fill our a short registration form at your local centre before joining any of the free activities. 

What if I’m under 60?
Unfortunately you will have to wait to join this exciting membership!

Do I need a healthcare or pension card?
No, anyone 60 and over can join.

What if I don’t exercise at the moment?
Then this is the program for you! All activities are suitable for beginners with some activities even structured for people who have limited mobility or are recovering from illness or injury.

If you can’t exercise at all then join our social programs such as Carpet Bowls or Your Life Cafe.

What if I have an injury?
We have activities suitable for all levels of mobility and fitness. For example, Active Recovery and Chair Yoga are activities that would be suitable for people who are building up to become more active. Our friendly staff and instructors are always around to discuss your needs and help you choose the most suitable activities.

How long do the sessions go for?
The sessions usually run for 45mins – 1 hour. Spend some time after your session enjoying our facilities and have a coffee with friends at the café.

What if I don’t like the classes?
We take all feedback into consideration and if you are unhappy for any reason please see staff at reception so we can understand your concerns and build your advice into future programs.

Can I just register for one class?
The membership covers all the activities so we encourage you to try as many classes as you feel able to. However, you can sign up and only attend the activity you are interested in.

What do I need to bring/ wear?
Always wear comfortable clothing and sports shoes. It is also a good idea to bring a small towel and a water bottle. If you are doing an aqua class you will need your swimmers and a towel, all other equipment is provided. For the walks we would recommend a hat, jacket, water bottle and sun cream.

Can I bring a friend?
Anyone over 60 can attend but they will have to sign up to the membership to access the program. Casual entry passes per class may be available, please check with your local centre for costs.

What facilities are available?
ALAC has great facilities including showers and change rooms. There is also has a café, spa and steam room to relax after your session (extra cost involved).

What are the payment options?
There are 2 payment options, an upfront payment for 6 months, or a direct debit option.

Can I put my membership on hold?

A suspension period of up to 45 days in total can be applied to each individual membership. Each period of suspension must be for a minimum of 7 days. All suspension requests must be submitted by email to: longliveyou@albany.wa.gov.au before the suspension commencement date.

More questions?

Please call ALAC for further information on the following numbers:

Albany – 6820 3401

Or email longliveyou@albany.wa.gov.au