Every Club

A Club Development Partnership

Ever Club is a City of Albany program funded by the City of Albany and the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries. Every Club aims to establish a partnership between the City of Albany and local sport and recreation clubs to enhance the delivery of sport and recreation within the community.

The Club Development Coordinator works with local clubs and organisation to provide information and guidance on sponsorship, fundraising, grants, event management, planning, marketing and promotions, membership and volunteer training. The partnership assist clubs with:

  • Effectively managing their club activities
  • Building sustainable sporting and recreation clubs for the long term benefit of the community; and
  • Promoting the benefits of sport and recreation to the community.

The City of Albany’s Club Development Coordinator can be contacted on

Telephone: (08) 6820 3451

Email: judith.want@albany.wa.gov.au

Workshops and Resources

The City of Albany conducts and hosts a range of seminars and training opportunities delivering relevant industry information, resources and networking opportunities for clubs.

Every Club Contemporary Sponsorship Project

  • To create long term sponsorship relationships which are mutually beneficial to sport and recreation clubs and sponsors:
  • To assist clubs to identify new and contemporary methods of creating revenue through sponsorship
  • To identify collaborative sponsorship opportunities amongst clubs, within shared space arrangements
  • To reduce the reliance on permanent field signage within sponsorship packages
  • To identify local sponsor needs and tailor packages to suit.

This program has been jointly funded by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and the City of Albany.

Every Club Hub gives access to resources, guides, training opportunities and information on how Clubs can improve their club and support their volunteers and members.

For further information about the workshops, please contact the City of Albany Club Development Coordinator on (08) 6820 3451 or by emailing judith.want@albany.wa.gov.au.

Game Plan


  • Game Plan is a free online platform that allows sporting clubs of all sizes to get insights into their current capability in key areas of club administration, then supports ongoing club development with a suite of tools.
  • Clubs assess and evaluate their own environment, identifying their unique strengths and potential areas for improvement.
  • Volunteers are the heart of every club. Game Plan makes it easy for club leaders to assess and analyse information about holistic club operations, to make good immediate decisions whilst developing clear plans for the club’s future.

Sport West


True Sport provides a cohesive, all sport approach to align values, culture and practices of sport delivery across WA and enrich the sport experience for all participants.

True Sport aims to provide specialised support for sports to tackle industry challenges.  As the overarching umbrella brand, there’s currently three initiatives:

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Child Safeguarding
  • Sideline Behaviour