Online Form - Veteran Sports Person of the Year

Veterans Sports Person of the Year

The award recognises the outstanding contribution of our veteran athletes aged 35 and older. Working on a lifetime of experience our veterans show that it’s never too late to play sport.

Will take into consideration the highest level of achievement (eg. State Country, National etc) possible while living in Albany.

ACHIEVEMENTS – Must ONLY relate to the period 01/01/2023-31/12/2023

Please take note: It is highly recommended that you provide comprehensive details to explain the nominee's level of accomplishment. It is best to assume that the judges have limited familiarity with the nominee, so please be specific about the nominee's achievements within the judging period. For instance, outline any selection process that the nominee had to undergo, if applicable. Additionally, provide information about the number of participants in their age group or category, helping the judges to understand the context of the nominee's achievements and the competitive landscape they navigated. This will enable a more informed and fair evaluation of their accomplishments.

Prior to completing this form, please ensure you have read the Eligibility Criteriato ensure you are eligible to nominate for this award. 

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