ALAC ‘s Platinum Waterwise Award

Published on Wednesday, 10 May 2023 at 11:46:31 AM

Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre (ALAC) has won the 2023 Platinum Waterwise Aquatic Centre Award at the 2023 Waterwise Recognition Event held in Perth last week.

The award that was won jointly with Kwinana Requatic recognises ALAC as a leader in efficient and sustainable water use, taking into consideration the water saving initiatives within the Centre.

Initiatives such as installing water saving drink fountains, regular leak inspections and the formation of an internal Water Management Team at the City of Albany has contributed to the success.

ALAC also hosted the Leisure Institute of Western Australia (Aquatics) Regional Conference in 2022 that provided an opportunity for industry networking and collaboration across regional centres.

Adding to ALAC’s waterwise repertoire is the installation of two 250-kilolitre capacity water tanks that capture rainwater runoff from the roof to use within the precinct as an alternative to town water supply.

This was a milestone step in the water saving direction for the Centre with an estimated 520-kilolitres of rainwater harvested throughout the project.

Reflective of the City’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, this initiative has significantly reduced ALAC’s reliance on Albany town water supply.

Manager Recreation Services Mitchell Green said ALAC continue to deliver on important water saving initiatives.

“The City of Albany is committed to striving to improve the sustainability and environmental impact of city managed buildings and facilities such as ALAC,” he said.

“ALAC being named one of two Platinum Waterwise Aquatic Centre for 2023 proves the City’s dedication to preserving and prioritising our local water resource.

“We are incredibly proud of this award and thank the Water Corporation for their acknowledgement of ALAC and the City of Albany’s efforts to preserve water wherever possible.”

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